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Pikachu Becomes Human

By Vidalark

Part Two

Ash and his friends stood still as they watched the Meowth ballon fly away with Pikachu. With out a word Ash began to run after it at top speed. Team Rocket just laughed at him as they watched him try to cath up with them but only succeding in falling further behind. Msity, Brock, and Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur felt bad because he had thought he had a good gripon Pikachu but obviously didn't .

"Ash you aren't going to be able to catch them that way and you know it." Misty shouted. Ash slowed down not by choice but by the fact that he was out of breath and his legs wouldn't carry let alone hold him any more. He fell to the ground and punded his fists into the dirt in anger.

"Bulba bulbasaur." Bulbasaur said applogelically as he leaned his head on Ash's shoulder.

"You did your best Bulbasaur." Ash said as he looked into the grass pokemon's eyes. Hot tears of anger werestreaming down Ash's face. Bulbasaur licked Ash's face not knowing what else it could do to help his friend.

"Ash are you okay? We saw you fall." Brock asked when both he and Misty reached them. They weren't as tired because they knew that he couldn't run to far with out becoming to tired. It surprised them when theyfound him about a mile away from Amazon City. Zandel approched them a few seconds after Misty and Brock arrived. She was riding a ponyta.

"My young friend what is the matter?" Zandel asked as she dismounted.

"Team Rocket they have Pikachu and she is still a human." Ash said. Anger tore at his voice so that it sounded cruel.

"Veronica didn't give you the antidote?" Zandel asked.

"No we nver reached her. You see Pikachu wanted to go around as a human for a little while and when we reached the park Team Rocket surprised us and when Pikachu was protecting us she got caught." Misty said for Ash.

"Come we had better see Veronica right now. Here I shall call for more ponyta to take us back." Zandel said noting that Ash was to worn out to even stand up. She let out a loud whistle and within a minute three ponyta galloped to them. One went straight to Ash and kneeled down to let him on. Ash called Bulbasuar back and then collapsed on top of ponyta's back. Misty shrieked and ran to him. Ash was unconcious but fortunatly the ponyta that he was on had no fears of him.

"We had better get Ash to a hospital quick." Misty said. Her worry poured out of her like water.

"He is only tired from his run. He doesn't need a doctor." Zandel said as she truned her ponyta around to faceAmazon City.

"Come on Misty we had better get back to the city so that we can help Ash." Brock said. He was already on top of a ponyta and another ponyta was waiting for Misty. Misty almost yelled at Brock but relized that he was as worried about Ash and Pikachu as she was. She mounted the ponyta but had it keep close to the one that Ash was on.

"Get yor hands off of me and let me go right now!" Pikachu yelled as she was being held down by James.

"I don't think so. The boss will be so happy when he sees that we finally caught Pikachu." James said as he smiled.

"Don't 'cha think he'll wonder why Pikachu looks like this?" Meowth asked.

"Well you do have a point. Hmmm we can tell him that this is the reason that this pikachu isso special." Jessie said as she smiled.

"Good idea." James said.

"We had better tie her up before she squrims free." Meowthsaid.

"Alright I warned you. PIIIIIIIKKKKKAAAAAAACHHHUUUUUUU!!!!!!!" Pikachu let off a large amount of electricity that causes James to lose his hold on Pikachu. Taking her chance she looks over board and sees that there is a river below them. She prepares to dive over but is hit in the back of her head by a upset Jessie. Pikachu becomes unconcious and is tied up by Team Rocket who then decides to celebrate their victory.

Ash finds himself on a bed when he wakes up. He slowly sits up and tries to figure out what had happened to him. He expects to see Pikachu sitting on the edge of the bed and Pikach normally did when he was alseep for a reason other than normal rest.

Instead of Pikachu however he sees Misty. Her face is full of concern but when she sees that Ash is awake she rushes to his side and gives him a huge hug. Ash is taken by surprise and has no idea as to how he should act. When Misty releases him she notices that he is looking at her strangly.

"What can't a friend hug a friend when they think that they need one?" Misty asks. She is a bit to proud to admit that she had been very worried about him. When she had seen him unconcious she was afraidthat he was ill or worse. Her heart had been hurting until he had awoken. Her feelings for him were deeper than any of the feelings that she even had for her pokemon which in a way made her very much afraid. Anytime that Ash was in trouble she became very much afraid for him.

"Uh I guess a friend can do that. Where is Pikachu?" Ash asked.

"Don't you remember? Team Rocket took her away." Misty said with a sigh.

"What?! I have to get Pikachu back now!" Ash said as he troied to get up but fell down when his legs refused to work.

"Ash we have to get the antidote for Pikachu first then we can get her." Misty said. She knew that Ash cared for Pikachu very much. Pikachu was his first pokemon and she knew that Pikachu ment alot to him.

"Antidote? Oh yeah now I remember. Veronica is going to pay for what she did to Pikachu and Team Rocket is going to pay too." Ash said as he tried to get up yet again and succeded this time but ended up tripping and falling into Misty. They both fell to the floor and blushed furiously. They scrambled to get up before anyone saw them but failed to when they saw that Brock had seen them.

"Good to see you up Ash. Are you ready to go?" Brock asked. He was not about to say a word about what he saw. He figured that even if he didn't have any luck in finding his true love it didn't mean that he should try to stop the seed of love from sprouting with his two friends. Both he and Pikachu had noted that the two almost seemed like a perfect match and it would be nice if they got together, but they didn't know if that could ever happen woith how they always fought.

"Yeah let's go." Ash said. He was still a bit weak from his mad run but he wasn't going to let that stop him. Zandell met them in the living room and first took them to the Pokecenter to heal their pokemon and then to Veronica's house.

At Veronica's house Misty and Brock had to hold Ash back so he wouldn't break the door down. Zandell knocked on the door and was greeted by Veroncia's grandmother.

"We are here to see Veronica." Zandell said calmly.

"I was begining towonder when you would get here. Veronica you have company." she said.

"As to what do I owe the pleasure?" Veronica asked when she saw the group.

"You are going to pay for what you did to Pikachu!" Ash screamed as he broke free from both Brock's and Misty's hold. He rushed over to Veronica and was about to beat the living daylights out of her when suddenly he was lifted in to the air. With infuriated eyes he looked to see what held him and saw that Veronica's grandmother was using a Golduck to hold him up in the air with a physcic force.

"Do you really think that you can harm me?" Veronica asked sounding a bit to cocky for her own good. Her grandmother heard this and had her Golduck slowly inch Ash closer to her.

"Veronica the only reason that you are even standing is beacuse of my Golduck so don't push your luck." the old woman said.

"Eek, uh yes Grandmother." Veronica said regaining some humility.

"Let me down!" Ash screamed.

"Ash try to calm down." Misty said as she tried to sooth her friend.

"Fighting won't save Pikachu." Brock said.

"Huh? What happened to Pikachu?" Veronica asked. She knew that the ketchup had something in it to do something to Pickahu but she didn't want to hurt it.

"Team Rocket kidnaped Pikachu. She is human and I don't think that she can stand a chance against them in human form." Ash said. Saddness laced his voive more than he wanted it to but it hit home on Veronica so he didn'tcare.

"Oh my goodness. Grandmother we need to change his Pikachu back. If that Team Rocket finds out thatwe can change pokemon into super humans then they'll be after us." Veronica screamed.

"Here I figured that you would want the cure," the old woman said as she handed Ash a vial, "Your Pikachu must drink this to change back. I am afraid that we can't do much else to help you."

"Actually I can think of one thing that you can do for me." Ash said calmly.

"And what is that?" the old woman asked.

"YOU CAN PUT ME DOWN!" Ash screamed.

"Oh that would help wouldn't it? Golduck put him down gently." the old woman said and Ash was lowered to the ground.

"Here I shall come with you. It is my fault that your Pikachu was even turned into a human." Veronica said.

"You better believe that it is your fault." Ash muttered. They all raced back to Zandell's house and gathered their things.

"Here you can use these ponyta to catch up faster. When you have saved Pikachu please come back." Zandell said.

"You can bet that we'll be coming back when we have her." Ash said as he mounted the same ponyta that he rode before.

"Veronica you had better behave yourself and if any harm has come to that Pikcahu then you will be punished." Zandell said.

"I understand." Veronica said as she lowered her head.

"Well we had better get going. Come on Ponyta let's move!" Ash said and they were all off.

Moving at a blinding speed they ran in the direction that they had lost the Meowth Balloon before. Ash was in the lead, Misty kept her ponyta just a few heart beats behind. She hated seeing Ash like he was but she knewthat he cared for Pikachu more thanhe did care about his dream of becoming a Pokemon Master.

"Well this is were I lost them." Ash said. His voice was still tainted with anger which caused Misty to glare at Veronica knowing that it was mostly her fault that Ash was so hurt. She wanted to make everything better for Ash but she didn't know how to. She thought of letting Psyduck out knowing that, that particular pokemon always seemed to bring a smile to Ash's face. She quickly changed her mind knowing that now was not the time to be fooling around.

"Maybe one of our pokemon can help." Veroncia suggested.

"Hmm... maybe. Pidgiotto I choose you! Pidgiotto try to see if you can find Team Rocket." Ash told his pokemon. Pidgiotto quickly complied and flew off.

"Curse that Pikachu, she put a hole in our balloon." Jessie said as they landed safely about two minutes after they discovered that Pikachu's thunder shock and burned away some of the material which was filled with the hot air.

"Well at least we still have her." Meowth pointed out.

"Yeah and the boss will have to reward us for that." James said.

"True. Let's see is that gag covering her cheeks Meowth?" Jessie asked knowing fully that a pikachu's cheeks were what held thir electricty.

"Yep, I got 'em covered with some rubber gloves that I found." Meowth said.

"Good. Now how are we going to get out of her?" Jessie thought out loud.

"Well it looks like we are going to have to carry her." James said.

"Me carry her? Hahahaha I don't think so." Jessie said.

"Well then James looks like you're stuck with doing the carrying." Meowth laughed.

"Hahaha laugh it up cat." James said sarcastically. He lifted the limp body of Pikachu and Team Rocket proceeded on their way to Team Rocket HQ.

Unbeknowist to them a bird was watching them from above. It was Pidgiotto. Pidgiotto flew as fast as it could back to Ash.

"What is taking Pidgiotto so long?" Ash asked.

"Pidgiot!" the pokemon screeched.

"Did you find them Pidgiotto?" Ash asked.

"Pidg Pidgiot." Pidgiotto said as it nodded its head.

"Alright take us to them." Ash said.

"Pidgiot!" Pidgiotto said and then soared off. Ash and comapny had their ponytas race after the bird pokemon. In about ten muntes they were at the spot that Pidgiotto had last seen Team Rocket.

"Pikachu must have done quite some damage to have brought thia balloon down." Brock said as he fingered the torn fabric.

"Your Pikachu must be pretty strong if it can still do any electric attacks in a human form." Veronica commented noting the damage herself.

"Pikachu is very special indeed she was my very first pokemon and I am not going to let anyone take her away from me." Ash said.

"You had better hope that we find Pikachu." Misty whispered feircly into Veronica's ear.

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